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"I was very fortunate to be offered executive coaching by Allí as part of my employer’s management development programme and I’m extremely grateful for what has turned out to be a career transforming experience.

I’ve had general executive coaching previously but my aspirations for what I wanted to get out of working with Allí were very specific and focused on some immediate development needs I’d identified after taking a promotion.

From the first session, Allí took the time to develop a deep understanding of my motivations and purpose and coupled with the insightful Facets5 personality assessment, she created a truly bespoke programme of coaching that really exceeded my expectations.

I’m still applying the techniques and principles Allí shared with me and the motivation she’s provided to continue my own personal development journey has been really empowering.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Allí to anyone looking for next level coaching and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future."

- James L.


"I made the decision that I would like to work with a coach to ensure that I remained focused and to continue challenging myself as I move into the final years of my career, this was easily one of the best decisions I have made, and I am slightly disappointed in that I didn't use a coach earlier in my career! That said, working with Alli has given me the self-belief and confidence to continue moving forward both personally and with my career.
I was very open to all forms of coaching with Alli, however from the beginning it was clear that visuals worked for me. I continue to use these when dealing with situations as it helps me work out where there is a blocker and what I need to do to work round this.
Understanding fear versus excitement and how recognising this changes your perspective on situations. Very simple but very powerful.
Self-reflection and making time for myself has never been a priority, however this is something I do daily now and would recommend that everyone takes this time.
Overall, there is so much that I have taken from my coaching sessions with Alli and I cannot recommend the coaching sessions enough. Anyone at any stage of their career or for personal reasons should consider engaging with Alli and you will never look back."

- Louise L.


"I would highly recommend Alli as a first class executive coach and mentor. I have worked with Alli for the last three years and have found her insight and advice invaluable as I have stepped up into an executive role. She has an excellent personal style; open and friendly, constructively challenges and great insight and understanding. She has a huge wealth of experience and ideas that she brings to the sessions and I always leave with greater focus and a clear plan.I would highly recommend Alli as a first class executive coach and mentor."

-Glen B. 


"Meeting Alli was fate and I will be forever grateful for that introduction. Since then I have worked with Alli for the past eighteen months on some specific leadership areas to develop me in my role as CEO. No two coaching sessions were the same, as Alli has a diverse range of techniques to suit a variety of learning styles which allowed me to visually bring my thinking to life.

What I really respect about Alli, is her commitment to her own professional development. I constantly learn and develop from her up-to-date industry knowledge. Alli was supportive, easy to connect with and constantly challenged my thinking; she is really an expert in her field."

-Nicole S.


"Allison is an remarkable coach and I found my sessions insightful, interesting and fun . I really enjoyed her approach to our conversations, never dominating and always engaging. In only a few sessions, Allison managing to get me to challenge the way I thought about people management and my self motivation. It is not a coincidence that promotion in my field of work followed shortly after our sessions. I would highly recommend Allison if you are looking to develop in your career and as a person. Thanks Alli."

- Ray A.


"Alli is a great person to work with as a coach and to speak with about personal development and growth as a manager and leader.

She is probing, insightful and encourages healthy introspection to really make you think about and understand the skills you have and the areas for development and how you can best tap into your potential.

Absolute pleasure working with her and she is one of the loveliest people to spend time with too."

- Jason F.



"I'm typically a bit of a sceptic towards overly theoretical leadership profiling but can honestly say that Facet5 was time well spent. Scarily accurate profiling from just a 20 minute survey, giving the participant very clear and practical feedback on possible risks but also a heightened focus on strengths, which is refreshing. Also handily comes with summary pages for you and your employer, which will add tangible value to any in-house review meetings.

Highly recommend for aspiring leaders, those individuals who might be returning from a period away from work or a great way to unlock stronger team working styles.

Endorsed and delivered by the incredible Alli Spargo. A big thank you to Alli for suggesting this as a way to better prepare myself for returning to work from mat leave."

- Mel T.


"Alli has been my coach for the last year, as part of a company-wide management programme. Unlike most coaching programmes I have attended, Alli surprised me as she was personable from the outset. She had no company acronyms, no corporate language. She was Alli, and she let me be me! Her friendly, listening, approach allowed me to be open and honest, and to understand how I came across to colleagues, what I could do to change, and how that could improve my standing. In fact, it didn't fell like the normal perceptions of coaching, it was more like talking to a friend who you'd asked for advice and guidance. Having come to the end of the programme, I have nothing but praise for Alli, and would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking some real guidance on the career path."

-Gary R.


"Challenging, Inspiring and Effective; are words that are often used in todays business environment but without meaning, I can truly say that after working with Allison each of those words now have meaning. You come away from each session energised and confident in how you're going to manage each business situation going forward.


Being coached by Allison has allowed me to focus on the key drivers to further my career. I would recommend Allison to anyone looking to grow their leadership skills and career."

- John C.


"I've worked with Alli very successfully in different guises for eight years now. Over the past three or four she has worked very closely with me and colleagues at the Centre for Health Communications Research delivering a high-level postgraduate qualification in HC for principally NHS directors and heads of communication. Her extended workshop on the applications of coaching and mentoring across managements has become a fixture on the course - now on its sixth running. Throughout she is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Seriously knowledgeable? Of course. Creative and thoughtful? Definitely. Motivational: wow."

-Bill N.


"Alli has a profound effect on my state of mind. I go into our sessions more often than not, feeling stressed and overwhelmed with my life and I come out feeling so much more positive towards my entrepreneurial journey. Her ability to focus, actively listen, feedback and make me feel full again, is only something one should, and can experience, not by reading my recommendation."

-Natasha G.


"I was apprehensive about engaging the services of a career coach thinking that was something that "other people do" however after an initial meeting with Allison I came away with a clear picture of how she could help me achieve my goals. A couple of months later after a few sessions with Allison I had a clear set of actions and objectives and felt far more motivated to get out there and make a change. And I did; interviewing became almost an enjoyable process with some clarity around what's really important in those situations. Part of Allison's approach involves some very practical, and some slightly "quirky" exercises however everything we went through helped me to gain much more clarity about some of the things that were holding me back and what was important to focus on. Working with Allison has been a great experience, and one that I would recommend to anyone. In many respects it is the best investment you could ever make; investing in yourself to help achieve your own goals. Moreover the process itself and working with Allison is genuinely an enjoyable experience. You will wonder why you didn't think to find a coach sooner."

-Stewart P. 


"I have been working with Alli for a couple of years now. Alli has been a great help to me as a coach and mentor as I continue to develop my professional career, achieve my goals and deliver growth, both personally and professionally."

-Rob W.


"Allison is a warm and insightful coach who has definitely helped me broaden and deepen my thinking as our relationship has progressed. She enables me to think clearly and opens up many "light bulb" moments with the quality of her attention. I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach."

-Joanne H.


"I cannot recommend Alli highly enough! Alli’s coaching and training in the ‘thinking environment ‘ has changed the way my senior team meet and work together and transformed the impact of our team meetings. The team have recently had to make some hard decisions and some changes and we would not have been able to come through this so well without Alli’s coaching . Thank you Alli, can’t wait to work together again soon!"

-Kate J.


"Allison is an inspiring business woman and coach. Her unlimited energy is infectious and her ability to quickly pin point important issues to be addressed is impressive. She approaches every situation with the utmost professionalism and in my experience always delivers!"

-Deborah O.


"Alli has been an amazing coach and my experience with her fantastic. The program was a work related one, however the things I learned about myself will be useful in all aspects of my life. She is challenging and engaging, I would highly recommend her as a coach to anyone looking to grow, learn and stretch themselves."

-Claudia B.


"I thoroughly recommend Allison Spargo as an excellent business coach.
Alli continually invests in her own personal development which keeps her up to date with the latest ideas and thinkings which she then utilises to enhance her interactions with her clients.

Alli is very thoughtful, always well prepared and is absolutely committed to enabling her client’s success.
Her session on ‘Values’ is ‘invaluable’ in terms of giving real clarity on what matters to you most and where you should be expending your time and energy to ensure your future success."

-Sylvia B.


"Allison provides high quality and effective coaching that helps professional to leverage their experience and talents and find new ways to apply these skills."

-Isabelle J.


"I started my coaching with Alli from at the end of Sept 2012. I had been a stay at home mum for 7 years and it felt like I was on the scrap heap as regards career and the contribution I could make.
After my first session with Alli, I felt a surge of hope and optimism that I have not felt for a long time. I spoke of my interest in social media, my desire to work for myself and to have a good work life balance. What I liked about Alli’s coaching was the fact that it did not look at the past, the starting point was now and moving forward. I also liked that at the end of each session I had actions to complete, I had to give my commitment level to achieving those actions and also give a time when I would complete the actions. Alli challenged my thought process and untapped the many resources within me. Often after our sessions I would think of other ideas that I had not thought of at the time so the effect of the coaching went on, long after the session ended.

After the first session, one action was to contact a company I had previously been interviewed by. After meeting this company again they called me to start a project with them on the 9th Jan. This is a direct result of my first coaching session with Allison.

Since the first coaching session, I have done many things including the following
•‘Social Media for Business’ Course
•Written a blog - Give your business some TLC - ‘ which has been published by an American social media website
•I am working with St Albans Credit Union as a content creator for their social media platforms
•Joined LinkedIn social media groups and have answered questions in social media discussions on LinkedIn
•I have also created a visual cv which can be sent as a weblink to employers and includes a portfolio of work and achievements.
As evidenced the coaching by Alli has made a huge impact on me to date. It has given me the direction I need, it has made me realise I am capable of great things and I have a very positive contribution to make in today’s business world. I feel very grateful I was given the opportunity to work with Alli and I look forward to continuing to work with her to keep me moving on my journey!
Go raibh mile maith agat Alli! (Thank you so much Alli!)

-Marian M.


"I used Allison for 1 on 1 coaching sessions during my current moving of roles within my organisation, and I can honest fully recommend her to any of her prospective clients.

The way Allison coaches is really refreshing and makes you think about your big challenges in a different way and how your actions can impact on the people around you.

She really makes you focus on what is important to you as an individual and how you can logically go about achieving your goals, whilst using questioning which makes you deliver your own solutions so that you have commitment and buy-in to your next steps.

You leave each session with a defined action plan to commit to and this is then followed up at future sessions to understand if you have achieved your goals.

The investment of time is really worth the effort and it can make a huge difference, I would fully recommend anyone at whatever level in their careers to give this a go."

-Nick H.


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