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Working with organisations to build inclusive workplaces through coaching

Allison Spargo

Working with organisations to change behaviours of teams and individuals in line with the organisational vision and goals. A challenging, results orientated, highly experienced coach and facilitator with high levels of integrity, commercial acumen and emotional intelligence.

Inspiring, trusted critical guide & thinking partner working with leaders and senior managers in business, leadership, management and entrepreneurship. Championing professionals to enjoy safe space & time to pause, reflect, reboot and take action to achieve their goals and ambitions.


I passionately believe that every individual has the potential to do what they want to do (I'm living proof of that!) and be who they want to be: the BEST version of themselves. Identifying who or what that looks like, what we are prepared & willing to do and taking that first step on the journey to achieving our aspirations and goals.


Working with board members, leaders, senior managers, motivated individuals, challenged for whatever reason, to become more self-aware, empowering them to take responsibility for their own future.


Tapping into my wealth of commercial & personal experience and coaching expertise, I champion professionals, supporting them to achieve their maximum potential by examining their current behaviours and reality; uncovering their values; and shining a light on their limiting beliefs, examining the systems in which they play a part - together, we map a journey towards their future.

Allison Spargo Executive Coach Coaching Academy Coach of the Year 2017 Award

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Professional Executive & Team Coaching

- Testimonials -

I've worked with Alli very successfully in different guises for eight years now. Over the past three or four she has worked very closely with me and colleagues at the Centre for Health Communications Research delivering a high-level postgraduate qualification in HC for principally NHS directors and heads of communication. Her extended workshop on the applications of coaching and mentoring across managements has become a fixture on the course - now on its sixth running. Throughout she is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Seriously knowledgeable? Of course. Creative and thoughtful? Definitely. Motivational: wow.

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