Curiously holding and challenging leaders to reach their peak

Moving past lockdown, taking personal responsibility for your performance,  
your journey and your future.

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Increased emotional intelligence

Supporting leaders to understand themselves better and to see themselves as others may perceive them.

Increased performance

Eliciting and leveraging a leaders own resources and solutions to champion them to be and perform at their very best.

Increased motivation & engagement

By understanding themselves better, their motivations and drivers, leaders are more motivated and engaged to achieve their organisational and personal objectives.

You struggle to manage your work/life balance.

You feel overwhelmed.

You’re entering a new role.

You want to be a better leader.

You need to be more visible, don’t want to be overlooked.

You’re feeling like an imposter, it’s time to change.

You probably know this story

You have reached a space in your life where you are ready to up your game, but are unsure of how and where to do this. You're stuck and don't know how to move forward.

You want to get that leadership role but aren't confident in your leadership skills or the presence you have in the organisation.

Where do you go from here?

This doesn't have to be your reality

You want to be able to lead your team more effectively. You feel frustrated when they aren’t doing what you and the business need them to do. It’s up to you to provide the leadership. You want to create a high performance team, and need help to grow

You want to be ready to act & seize opportunities.

Changes have been made and you’re finding it hard to know your new place.

You need help understanding a new leadership role.

You want to own your power as a professional female leader.

Looking to make a positive change in your life or company.

Help you communicate effectively with your team and each other.

1-1 coaching (virtual or f2f)

Coach in residence

Grow as a leader with bespoke coaching

Emotional intelligence refers to the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and our relationships” (Goleman 1998). Awareness of your own emotional intelligence can contribute to increased personal and professional success. An individual behaviours create a ripple effect on those around them and beyond. What is your ripple effect on others and your organisation?  

Create a personal brand to help inspire you to achieve more that you thought possible in your professional life.

I’m good at my job but I want to be great.

I'm a female in a male dominated world and you need support to be visible.

My confidence has taken a knock; I need to rebuild my mojo.

I need a thinking partner to help navigate your way in a new post.

I’ve had challenging feedback from your boss, not sure what to do about it.

I want better job satisfaction.


Identifying your own values, principles, drivers, strengths, challenges, options and blockers. Finding a sense of you own self-worth holding yourself accountable.

Managing Self

The agility to adapt, to create the required impact by understanding the perceptions of others. Sense others emotions and take active interest to understand their perspective and concerns.

Managing Relationships

Understanding the world through the lens of others; adapting to and accepting difference, encouraging transparency and gaining influence. Create teamwork and cooperation through cultivating a web of lasting relationships. Be the person who can guide and motivate others with inspirational leadership.

Support your organisation with a coach in residence

Help facilitate a new solution to a challenging situation that could prevent them from achieving the success they are looking for in personal, team and business performance. Get to the nub of the issue quickly with focus and speed to help resolve an issue and defuse any conflict swiftly before it creates stress and anxiety. You can see it as coaching first aid.

Quicker attention provided to emerging issues.

Provide a thinking partner.

Re-frame the challenge – supporting creativity and innovation.

Manage conflict swiftly and appropriately.

Improve mental health and wellbeing.

Regular coaching clinics.


An in house professional coach who is unbiased, confidential, independent and most importantly is external to your business. Able to support on issues which may not be appropriate to share with an internal colleague due to politics or privacy.


Regular access to a coach gives quick response to emergent issues. Aiming to improve performance and accountability swiftly and positively.


Monthly drop in coaching clinics providing busy staff with a timely and convenient space to explore emergent issues which may be holding them back, getting in the way of them being the very best version of themselves.

I coach individuals, either virtually or f2f, and the ripple of benefits has far reaching impact - on the system as a whole, specifically on all three levels; personal, team and organisational. Through creating time to think, increased self-awareness and a willingness to reflect on the impact we have on those around us, we stand a chance of being the best, most resilient, agile and successful version of ourselves.

International award winning Executive Coach, Alli Spargo specialises in executive coaching and career performance management. Her breadth of business experience, together with her coaching and facilitation expertise, enables her to enhance leadership capability and personal impact, whilst understanding the demands of the commercial and organisational environment.

Her commitment to her own continual personal development and investment in top-level supervision supports Alli to continually grow and remain at the top of her game. Her clients describe her coaching style as direct, challenging, empathetic and intuitive; she “gets under your hood” focuses on goals and delivers results.

With a diverse client base, Alli works to support senior leaders across a number of industry sectors including Financial Services, FMCG, Charitable Sector, Health Sector, Pharmaceutical, and Retail Sector.

I cannot recommend Alli highly enough! Alli’s coaching and training in the thinking environment has changed the way my senior team meet and work together and transformed the impact of our team meetings. The team have recently had to make some hard decisions and some changes and we would not have been able to come through this so well without Alli’s coaching. Thank you Alli, can’t wait to work together again soon!

- COO – Clinical Research Network, KSS

Alli has been a great help to me as a coach and mentor as I continue to develop my professional career, achieve my goals and delver growth, both personally and professionally

- Growth Spaces Director, Danone

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