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International award winning, empathetic and challenging, Executive Leadership Coach, Alli Spargo specialises in executive leadership development coaching and team coaching. Her breadth of business experience, together with her coaching and facilitation expertise, enables her to enhance leadership skills, personal impact, and team performance whilst understanding the demands of the commercial, organisational environment.

Executive Coaching Allison Spargo


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Help facilitate a new solution to a challenging situation that could prevent you from achieving the success you are looking for in personal, team and business performance. Get to the nub of an issue quickly with focus and speed to help resolve and defuse any conflict or "stuckness" swiftly before it creates stress and anxiety. You can see it as coaching first aid.

grow as a leader

"Emotional intelligence refers to the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in ourselves and our relationships” (Goleman 1998). Awareness of your own emotional intelligence can contribute to increased personal and professional success. An individual behaviour creates a ripple effect on those around you and beyond. What is your ripple effect on others, your team and your organisation?  

Create a personal brand to empower you to achieve more that you thought possible in your professional life.

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Increased Emotional Intelligence

Supporting leaders to understand themselves better and to see themselves as others may perceive them.

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Increased performance

Eliciting and leveraging leaders own resources and solutions to champion them to be and perform at their very best.

- Testimonials -

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I would highly recommend Alli as a first class executive coach and mentor. I have worked with Alli for the last three years and have found her insight and advice invaluable as I have stepped up into an executive role. She has an excellent personal style; open and friendly, constructively challenges and great insight and understanding. She has a huge wealth of experience and ideas that she brings to the sessions and I always leave with greater focus and a clear plan.

I'm typically a bit of a sceptic towards overly theoretical leadership profiling but can honestly say that Facet5 was time well spent. Scarily accurate profiling from just a 20-minute survey, giving the participant very clear and practical feedback on possible risks but also a heightened focus on strengths, which is refreshing. Also handily comes with summary pages for you and your employer, which will add tangible value to any in-house review meetings. Highly recommend for aspiring leaders, those individuals who might be returning from a period away from work or a great way to unlock stronger team working styles. Endorsed and delivered by the incredible Alli Spargo. A big thank you to Alli for suggesting this as a way to better prepare myself for returning to work from mat leave.

I have been working with Alli for a couple of years now. Alli has been a great help to me as a coach and mentor as I continue to develop my professional career, achieve my goals and deliver growth, both personally and professionally.

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